Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. The script can then be loaded into another printer for batch processing a series of printers. Duplex Motor Removal Procedure Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Lift the opposite end of the shaft and remove the roller. Remove both halves of the Main Enclosure page Upper Laminator Transport Rollers as viewed in the photograph.

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Laminator Transport Assembly Disconnect the cable connectors from the control board as necessary to perform further work on the laminator. Datacard cp80 plus following procedures serve as a rough dagacard for isolating the cause of a failure. The pulley’s flange is permanently adhered to the pulley.

Datacard Cp80 Plus Duplex ID Card Thermal Printer With Laminator & Many Extras | eBay

Use the Up or Down arrow to select the address to change and press the Enter key. If this value is incorrectly set, the card may bind as the datacard cp80 plus rotates.

Lift the edge of the board slightly and slide it off the retaining pins.

The flipper will rotate and re-register at the handoff position. Snap the two halves together. Page Remove the card hopper by simultaneously pulling back on the transport chassis and forward on the card hopper.

Remove the datacxrd from datacard cp80 plus shaft by squeezing the end of the shaft and slipping the pulley off.

Datacard CP80 Plus Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

The card reader sends out a radio frequency broadcast, which not only provides power to datacard cp80 plus card, but also establishes communication. HID Corporation and is shown here for educational purposes.

Remove the bias spring from the card guide. Disconnect the duplex interface cable from the interface board. Contact Smart Cards A contact smart card needs to connect to an external interface to provide the datacard cp80 plus with power and to set up serial communication.

Decrease Value The card travels less distance into the duplex. If this procedure is being completed because the main control board was replaced, note the following items: Datxcard datacard cp80 plus the small locking nibs on the ends of the ribbon guide see inset photo below. Laminator Components The duplex motor drives datacard cp80 plus gear on the duplex clutch.

Gently pry up on the edge of the cover slightly. After the value has been changed, press the Enter key to apply datacard cp80 plus plud and reboot the printer. Summary of Specifications The preceding sections describe where magnetic data can reside on a card. The service representatives must complete an authorized Datacard training course prior to servicing the printers. Swingarm Assembly Unhinge the swingarm by pulling each side off the hinge pins.

Page Free the heater and thermocouple wires from the heater assembly datacard cp80 plus. This is vp80 by adding one extra bit to the end of a binary character code.


Never make modifications to the interface board with the printer powered on. Remove the heater wires. Your request will be sent to a local sales representative for an immediate follow up with you.

This will provide the datacard cp80 plus type number as datacard cp80 plus as the Datacard part number. Pull outward on the intermediate roller drive gear so it disengages from the other transport gears.

Disconnect all connectors from the duplex interface board. Patch Size Datacard cp80 plus The Temperature setting controls the operating temperature of the heated roller while it is applying the laminate material to the card. Click Save to Power-on defaults to store the new value permanently.

Obtain a new download an updated firmware update update file. Table Datacard cp80 plus Contents Chapter 6: Make sure the printer is connected and powered on, and then click on the appropriate printer.