I dont know what the problem is…is it my power adapter its a universal one , the battery, the motherboard??? Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the computer. Next tried again to startup and have discovered that I can only get into the BIOS, but trying to go any further will cause the laptop to click and shut down. Like i stated before, It turns on for maybe seconds, then shuts off. I know ofr a fact that it isnt a virus because I was able to to a full system recovery. Try running the installation process again.

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I am confused on where to go from here if I want satellite a205-s5825 use the laptop without Satellige. I had a power issue satellite a205-s5825 the plug not seating very well, so took the cover off to see if I could get to the plug. Unfortunately, he knocked it to the ground a few days ago, about a distance of 12 inches.

The computer could not be powered on or charged. Try reseating the memory satellite a205-s5825. I am definitely going to try that route to narrow down the problem.

I removed the satellite a205-s5825 power cable and let it rest satellite a205-s5825 a couple of hours, it started on great, so i just shut the lid, when I opened itit was still running 2 hours later, i started using it and 15 min down the road voila, it shut down again, now its just a hit and miss, usually it shuts down automatically within the 30 sec period sometime a couple of minutes, satellite a205-s5825 right now its on… Is my actually using the laptop might be the problem in the cases where it does remain on?

I remowed it, now my computer is back to normal! Battery satellite a205-s5825 charger are fine i think. In other cases it boots and in the boot process or after boot the laptop freezes and in the display appears malformed images something like colored squares or lines. So its faulty motherboard?

In addition the system was bought satellite a205-s5825 UK, and satellite a205-s5825 has happened in Japan where I now live which makes it far more difficult satellite a205-s5825 get it fixed! If nothing helps, probably this is motherboard failure. Must be a common problem with that series. I appreciate any ideas and replacement ideas for the laptop, or parts. I put in a new Hitachi Satellite a205-s5825 Drive and loaded up Ubuntu Linux… Everything was going fine and then after a day or so a program locked up….

Unplug the laptop 2. Epic Battle November 19, It would be great to get some advice because I really need to fix it up.

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After about 5 seconds, the fan will stop but the power 2a05-s5825 stays on. Is satellite a205-s5825 the screen? I updated the system drivers direct from the Acer website. Opening a satellite a205-s5825 does nothing too. I sent it to Toshiba with no clue whats going on with it.

Also, with Shipping Pass, there satellite a205-s5825 no need to worry about commitment. Unplugging and plugging video cable does nothing 4. Here are the results: You can check the heatsink if you lift up the keyboard. When the drawer was pushed in the computer would shut off. I started the satellite a205-s5825 up and it cut off again. Then it came back and said 9 hundred whatever after I did that.

Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS laptop battery – Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS battery replacement

Victor March 24, Satellite a205-s5825 idea what the issue is or what i need to do? JP February 25, Zak August 20, And its satellite a205-s5825 hot …but the fan is ok and i already cleanup every thing any body can help me…? Can you see a very dim image if you look at the screen very closely? The computer is about 4 years old so not worth throwing a lot of money into.

Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down | Laptop Repair

If you need help satellite a205-s5825 your own laptop, you can usually find a service manual on the web with complete tear down satellite a205-s5825. I called up HP techincal support. I have already back panel and cleaned up near fan, and memory bay, hard disk bay.

There is air flowing out both fan areas in the back, though. I would try to reseat the memory module.

If it still fails, I start replacing parts one by one until find the faulty component. But if i plug the AC without the power just the end satellite a205-s5825 the power cord and start wiggling satwllite starts satellite a205-s5825 the battery as well. Tricia September 19, Turn on the laptop. Ben October 1, Salmon February 10,